09 February 2012

54th Annual Grammy Awards Live Blog!


CHECK NOW, FEBRUARY 12th at 7:30pm

7:36:  Nobody can stop talking about Whitney,  I'm wondering about Bobby.  How is he feeling?

7:52:  Well, Bobby is on a plane to Los Angeles. So that's sweet.

7:59:  Give  me a break.

8:01: Bruce.  You need a new guitar. Whooooaaaah...Jersey! Blue jeans! 

8:06: LL Cool J led the audience through a prayer.  Come on Mr. Smith.  Junkie is dead. 

8:13: Bruno Mars stole Brandon Walsh's haircut. 

8:16: Up next, a performance by Chris Brown you won't want to miss.  I'm sure Rhianna is all eyes. 

8:21: Alicia Keys has invoked the immortal Whitney Houston in her tribute to Etta James.  Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

8:27: Chris Brown is super  intensely talented dance-wise.  The only problem is he likes to punch chicks in the face.  Hence, he is an idiot who should never have success again.  Whatever.  This song sucks too.

8:38: Nice hat.  Looks like a briefcase on your head dude. And Kelly Clarkson has T-Rez arms btw.  "Don't you want to sleep with me tonight?" My roommate said, "That's called subtle in the South."

8:47: Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters is wearing a Slayer shirt.  Pretty cool, but sound is muffled and shitty but whatevs. 

8:59: Hey Rhianna....you make me remember how much I hate lip-syncing. 

9:15: Foo Fighters!  Most deserved win of the night! 

9:18: Why do the Beach Boys need the likes of Maroon 5 and Foster the People to pump their kicks?  It's shameful, ridic, etc,

9:23: Two things, one, where is John Stamos?  Two, Brian Wilson is a decrepit old man who has no mind left.  Sad, but true.  I can barely deal with this to be honest. 

9:31: Someone is really messing with Stevie Wonder.  What a suit. 

9:33: Sir Paul sounds freaking amazing.  Always.  Love it. 

9:37: Wow, look at all the women Chris Brown just beat to win that award. 

9:47: Taylor Swift is the most fake artist out there.  Seriously.  I love how she makes a consistent "O" face when she gets applause for doing a song.  Creep. 

9:52: Song of the year - Adele. Well deserved. 

9:55: Katy Perry. Not sure what to say about this other than, "What up Russell?" 

10:13: If a girl started singing the Adele song on the bus by where I live?  She would be punched in the face. Just sayin' #nonviolentMC 

10:18:  Honoring a guy who isn't dead, but his mind is gone.  Nice job country.  Stick to the CMAs.

10:32: Tony Bennett is smooth as silk.  Still sounds amazing.  But why can't he talk instead of sing.

10:36: Neil Portnow is the most annoying guy on the planet.  

10:40: Guess who died? Time.

10:43: No Etta James?  Smooth moves Recording Academy.

10:45: Jennifer Hudson proves why there is only one Whitney.  #CandyGirl 

10:51: Sorry LL and Quest...Don Cornelius doesn't get cable in heaven. #sorrez. 

10:56: Foo Fighters have turned this whole thing around.  Pretty cool to see them twirl it up with Deadmau5.

11:07: Nicki Minaj doesn't need the storyline to kick it as hardcore as she does. You fine Little Red Riding... 

11:11: Record of the Year goes to Adele...SHOCKER!!  Good stuff.

11:19: Album of the Year...presented by Diana Ross' hair. 

11:21: Adele is thanking Rick Rubin,  has snot and is just too cute and totally deserving of this. 

11:23: Macca is the greatest closer ever. 

11:29: Bruce, Grohl, Sir Paul...holy badass.  I never thought I'd see the day where Paul McCartney would be onstage with a guy wearing a Slayer shirt....and in the End, that's all that matters.